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Israel Relief 

With the help of our churches and friends PC Global Network is continuing to send supplies to Churches in Israel to help on the ground level.  

Larry in Israel 3rd day of the attack by Gaza

We have always stood with ISRAEL in prayer and support. This is their 9/11. I am asking everyone to STOP and PRAY for ISRAEL every opportunity that you get. 
This is a Prophetic DAY in the World. The Church of Jesus Christ needs to stand in prayer for God's Kingdom to Come and His will to be done. 
Watch my  report live from Jerusalem here. October 9th

Israel: God's Sign of the Time

I believe it was a God's timing that Janet and I were in Israel when the terrorist group Hamas attacked. It gave me a clearer perspective of what is really happening. In this video message I share some of important truths. 
Click here for more . . .

Israel's 4th day of WAR October 10, 2023

This is a horrible time Israel. 

They were brutally attacked by Hamas Terrorist. The attack has been much worse than mainline news is saying. Babies heads cut off. Families burned alive. Women sodomized and killed. Hostages taken. This is a work of ISIS, remember them? Cutting off heads of people putting int online for all to see?


Janet Neville

Shares about our exit from Israel during the war. Thousands of people were trying to exit at the airport, waiting days in line as most airlines canceled flights. We were taken out in a very unusual way. 

Also read Larry's report here.


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