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Monday Morning Club

To: Club Readers


December 20, 2021

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Janet and I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas week.

There is not much on my mind during the Christmas Holiday. I kind of disengage. I join Janet and watch Christmas movies. We hang out together. We even went to a mall one night to enjoy the lights and the holiday joy.

We have shared Christmas fifty one times together so far. The second one was only the two of us in Kansas City, Missouri. Then Paul was born a few weeks later. We have celebrated Christmas in the US, Philippines, Singapore, China. and Germany. They are all fond memories.

Each year our personal Christmas gifts to each other is giving to provide Christmas bags of food and gifts for families in the Philippines. We join with a couple of the churches there as they give out the goodies.

Wherever you are in the world this Christmas we pray that you have a wonderful time.

Larry & Janet


Silas and the Spider

By: Donna Neville

Many of my outstanding memories center around my grandkids.

One memorable moment happened at our Christmas Eve gathering about 12 years ago. The “moment” happened as we were opening the presents. Paper was flying everywhere. The kids (who were still small then) were yelling excitedly. It was happy pandemonium!!

But “the moment” came when my 5-year-old grandson, Silas, opened up his present from his uncle and aunt. . .


Good Monday Morning from high on the Vanderwaggon mountain in New Mexico.

As we enter the week of Christmas the world is proclaiming: Shop till you drop; covid is coming at you; supply chain crises; so you better hunker down - recede and shirk.

Yet as believers we are to proclaim Joy to the World the Lord is Here!

I encourage you to invest a little time and read Philippians the fourth chapter this week. The Christian life becomes practical and purposeful as we live from His “source of life” and make intentional decisions. The result is we receive His outcome not the worlds!

1. 4:1, “Stand Firm.”

2. 4:2-3, “Resolve conflicts by seeing the bigger picture.”

3. 4:4, “Joy – Rejoice.”

4. 4:6, “Stop Worrying! Talk to your Father in heaven! Instead Give Thanks.”

5. 4:7, “Peace of heart will be yours.”

6. 4:8, “Choose to Think Different.”

7. 4:13, “Remember: He will give you the Strength!”

So Stay Salty and Be His Light!

Dale Reece

Dale and Jane pastored in America, South Africa, and Australia. Now they live on Vanderwaggon mountain in New Mexico and pastor a “Cowboy” Church. Follow Dale on Facebook. (Vanderwaggon is named after Jan Reece's family.)



by Layth Ibrahim & Jack Harris

"The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up." – Matthew 4:16

Iraq and it’s people have passed through many sad stages. These stages of change have had a great impact on the annual celebration of Christmas in Baghdad and throughout the Nation.


In the 1970s, peace and calm prevailed in Iraq due to Saddam’s control of extremist activists. Iraq entered a new phase, that of bright hope and aspirations for the future. It was a time of construction and development.


REPORT: Transformation Health Network

We joined with Dr. Bob Doe and many doctors and medical workers for the "Transformation Health Network" introductory meeting. In this picture Pastor Tommy Miller of the Word of Life Ministries in San Diego is praying and anointing each of the workers.

This is a collaborative effort to bring multiple ministries together in cities around the world to establish a new connection between healthcare and the body of Christ

Dr. Bob Doe, a spirit-filled Medical Doctor. He connected to Praise Chapel when he began attending and serving with, In the Light Ministries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since connecting with ITLM and PC Global he has made over a hundred medical mission trips around the world.

We posted the video and audio of Dr. Doe’s presentation of the vision. What the video or listen to the audio.


“For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:2

Great darkness is over the earth today. The world is experiencing heightened levels of spiritual warfare. They are attacking every area of society. These powers of darkness have one main goal, stop the global church.

That will never happen because Jesus prophesied, “The gates of hell will not prevail.” We laugh at the devil and all his attacks. The Light is Rising, the Morning Star is Shining. God’s Spiritual :Outpouring is Breaking through the Darkness.

We declare that we will, WIN more souls. BUILD more disciples. SEND more to plant churches in 2022.

GET READY FOR . . . JANUARY 12-14, 2022

Our PC Global Pastors & Leaders Conference


Pastors, Leaders and Disciples - It is time to come together in person. We are going to, "Take Back What the Enemy has tried to Steal!" We are all going to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in "22".

Join us in Tucson, Arizona


There is MORE to COME . . .

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please sign up for the MondayMorning.Club.

We love to read your thoughts so please post your comments.

Larry & Janet Neville


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