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African Safari Guide to Missionary Evangelist to the Unreached

PC Global Missions is proud to partner and collaborate with Mike and Natasha Lötter as they give their lives to evangelize the unreached in Africa and to train evangelist, giving the tools to GO . . .

In the vast, sprawling landscapes of Africa, where remote communities and safari camps blend into the horizon, Mike and Natasha Lötter are on a mission to bring a different kind of light—a spiritual awakening. Members of the Heart Reach Church under Pastor Rudy Vandierman, this couple have dedicated their lives to evangelism through the Jesus Film Project. Their story is not just one of faith but of determination and strategic innovation in spreading the Gospel.

A Call to Serve

Mike, originally a safari guide in South Africa, felt a compelling call to evangelize. His unique approach? To bring the word of God to the very places he knew best—the safari camps where he once guided adventurers. These camps, isolated and lacking in religious presence, became the first of many mission fields for Mike.

A Vision Beyond Borders

As he and Natasha joined the Jesus Film Project, Mike’s role evolved into that of an international leader and trainer. Their area of influence now spans several African nations, including Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, and even the remote island of St Helena. Here, they not only share the Gospel but also trains pastors to continue the mission, multiplying the impact of his work.

Stories of Impact

One particularly outreach event involves a small audience of 19 at a film screening, which miraculously turned into 32 salvations. Among them was a young girl who, moved by the prayers she heard, ran to bring her mother and friend to join the gathering. This story beautifully illustrates the unexpected and far-reaching impact of their efforts.

Moreover, their work has paved the way for global collaboration. Thanks to the training and equipment provided by the Jesus Film Project, they are collaborating with PC Global to provide training and outreach supplies like portable video equipment, the Jesus Movie, and training to outreach teams in Ghana, Liberia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

The Power of Collaboration

This journey is a testament to the power of collaboration. By joining the Jesus Film Project they multiplied their efforts to reach the workers at Safari Camps tools and teams

Through partnerships, strategic planning, and sheer willpower, Mike and Natasha have managed to light up some of the most isolated places on earth with hope and faith.

We invite you to watch the accompanying video presentation. Their journey reminds us all of the impact we can have on the world.

Larry Neville


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