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“Releasing the creative energy of the Holy Spirit”

By: Dr. John Holland


Jose was an unemployed heating and air conditioning installer. He was working on an installation in our home. As the day ended, he said, “Pastor, would you pray that a good company will hire me. My wife is expecting our first baby and I need steady employment.” 

I took his hands in mine and prayed this prayer. “Lord Jesus, you taught us to pray, may your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth in Jose’s life as though it was in heaven. Create a new job for him and release it by the power of your Holy Spirit.”

He was late the next morning to our home to finish the installation. When he arrived I heard him shout, “It worked! It worked!” "I have a new job, the boss who hired me is a Christian and the office is ten minutes from my home. I will only work eight hours a day, five days a week. My salary is more than I have ever made. The Lord has answered our prayer.” 

It is important to understand the spiritual realm.

How to receive and release the creative power of our Lord.  This involves inner impressions, songs, visualization, and strong feelings. These may be our spirit seeking to release spiritual blessing. As we learn to be obedient when this happens, we can release God’s energy to create in the physical material realm.


Our daughter, Jodi needed three thousand hours of internship to finish her degree in clinical psychology.


She was on staff with a counseling office while doing extra work in pharmacology. Still, she was accumulating her mandated hours very slow. 


One day, she announced to us that she was going to resign from her position. She said, "I am going to find a full-time position where I can get my internship finished and have a better income." She felt the Lord speak to her and tell her to do this. 


The following Monday Joanna sent out sixteen resumes. In a few days, she received three calls for employment. She took one which has been a source of great benefit and personal joy to her. 


Here is the important piece of information. 

The group that hired her had not had a new hire in her field for over four years. The position was only recently funded. She had only a small window of opportunity to be able to make this connection with them.


Jodi was obedient to release the creative energy of the Holy Spirit. That made the way for her to move into her field, get her internship accomplished and have the job of a lifetime. 


We release new blessings in our life when we allow our spirit to rise above the physical-material realm. 

I awoke one morning with two names in my spirit. They were the names of a couple from thirty years ago when we were pastors of the church they attended.


We have seen them through the years, but it has been some time since our paths have crossed. They live in a little town in a remote part of their state. We live in Southern California so we do not get together often. 


This morning their names and their faces were in my spirit. I looked and found a telephone number and I called.


They both answered the telephone. I immediately said, “I am calling because you were so impressed upon my spirit. I am wondering what is happening in your lives?" Sam said, “We got a report back from the doctor that Marty has cancer. Today we must decide on her treatment.”


Marty said, “It is a miracle that you got us because we only got home last night.” 


I prayed for her, releasing the creative power of God to either heal her supernaturally or to heal her naturally. Marty said, “It is so confirming to have you call and to tell us that God knows what is happening to me. It gives me the courage to go through this experience.”

We were with them recently which was over a year after the treatment and Marty is well and whole. Marty chose to have surgery and the operation was a success. She is continuing with her life with renewed faith and strength. 


We too often suppress our spirit. We need to learn to release the power of the Lord to change our physical material world. 


We can receive spiritual transfers from the Holy Spirit flow from inside our spirit. Then out through our soul and body into the world around us. By so doing we are working with the Holy Spirit to bring order out of chaos and healing out of brokenness. 

It was at the end of a long weekend and long morning service. Something moved within me as I walked along in the packed foyer of the church.


I felt the Holy Spirit directing me to look around and when I did, I saw a very dejected young woman. Her head was down, her face etched with desperation. She looked up with eyes filled with tears as I reached through the crowd and took her hand. I said, “You look so sad, it breaks my heart.” She only nodded and I understood that this is not the time or the place to enter her experience. I said, “Will you promise me to be here tonight?” She nodded again and she was there that night. 

She prayed and wept her way to a right relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Then she told me a horrifying tale of a boyfriend who was now on drugs and a dealer in their city. When she told him that she would not go with him, he said I will kill your family if you leave me. She was trembling with fear. I prayed this over her, 

“May your kingdom come, may your will be done in this matter. I rebuke the kingdom of darkness and destroy the works of darkness. Satan, and all who work with you in the kingdom of darkness, I bind your access to this child of God. You do not have any right to harass her or to cause her harm in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Satan the blood of the Lamb is against you.


The Word of God is against you.


The Holy Spirit is against you and the word of our testimony is against you.”  


After our prayer, she went home and that drug-crazed young man was waiting. He did not bother her. Later during a drug deal, the police arrested him and now he is serving time for selling illicit drugs. 

When we learn to receive and release the creative power of God through our spirit into the world around us, then the physical material world can be changed. 

He was a young Swiss Doctor of Medicine when they rushed a woman in a coma into his Hospital ward.


The story was heart-wrenching. A family had abused her, mistreated her, and withheld both food and water from her as a form of punishment. The court had ordered her to be forcibly taken from the home, but her condition was critical.


As the team of doctors stood by her bedside reading her reports, they shook their heads and said, “There is no hope. She is malnourished, dehydrated and both lungs are in advanced stages of lumbar pneumonia. She is beyond medical help and cannot possibly live through the night.”

The next morning she was sitting on the side of the bed begging for food.


Since there was no order for food, the nurses would not give it to her. They called the doctor and he hurried over to see what had happened.


When he asked the patient, she said, “I heard you last night when you said that I could not live as you left the room. I have never felt so alone. As the moon came up and the rays of its light fell on my face, I said that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Then a voice spoke to me and said, ‘You will not die, I am going to heal you.' At that moment the pain left my body."


"Now Doctor may I please have something to eat, I am starving.”


He replied, “yes, of course, but we will have to keep you to find out what happened.” Well, try as they might for the next two weeks, they could only report that a miracle had taken place.


Today she is a Salvation Army worker serving the Lord  somewhere in Switzerland.

You may be ill.


You may feel rejected and alone.

If you will open your spirit to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit you can release creative power. Divine energy can flow into your physical material world releasing change. 

Dr. John Holland was my mentor, spiritual leader and wonderful friend. I miss him very much. Larry 

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