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Health Care, Human Services
and the
Power of God

He took many teams to Kurdistan to help Jack Harris as he was beginning to minister in Muslim villages. During one trip, Dr. Doe prayed for a deaf girl and God healed her.


Two years later Jack and Layth (the pastor in Kurdistan) were hosting their first Christian conference in Kurdistan. A couple of men from a Yazidi village were there.


Dr. Doe asked them where they were from. They said that two years ago a deaf girl from their village returned from going to see a Doctor. She told the village that he prayed to Jesus for her. She said that Jesus healed her. So they all got saved.


They did not have a church in the village so they started one.


Dr. Doe began to question why we don’t do a similar type of supernatural medical service in America. .


He said, “I envision coordinated health care for the whole-person led by the Holy Spirit. God's people accomplishing this in their place of service.”


He tried to launch this vision but faced continual barriers. Five years ago he opened one in collaboration with YWAM in Hawaii. It went ok, but still, there was strong opposition. The breakthrough began to happen during the Covid pandemic. Now the vision is moving forward. 


Dr. Doe is going to host a one-day meeting where he will share in more detail this vision. He will talk about the role of the church (ekklesia) in equipping, and the methods for assembling the model.

It is not often in life that you may have the opportunity to be a part of the BIRTHING of a NEW MINISTRY that has the potential to Change the World.  This ministry does.

You can be a part.

Dr. Doe is hosting a one day conference to share this vision.


Everyone is welcome. Especially if you work in any area of Human Services this is a ministry opportunity for you. 

Saturday December 11th, 2021

Time: 9 am - 4pm 

Place: Word of Life Worship Center, San Diego, California 



Free registration at PC Global 

Lunch included (please advise any special needs)

Watch Larry Neville's interview with Dr. Doe. 

Dr. Bob Doe is a spirit-filled Medical Doctor.

He connected to Praise Chapel when he began attending and serving at, “In the Light Ministries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since that time he has made over a hundred medical mission trips around the world.

During these trips, they would provide medical help to thousands of people. He would see desperate people healed, delivered, and saved before as he and the team prayed for them. before they ever gave them medical attention.

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