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Oh What a Father 
Janet Neville 


In the tapestry of life's moments, I often find myself whispering a special acronym, "OWAF," which stands for "Oh What A Father." It's my heartfelt expression of gratitude to God, a reminder of the countless, often unnoticed, ways He shapes my journey. This story I'm about to share with you, my dear friends, is a testament to those words. 

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Landisville, Pennsylvania, is quaint 110 year old cottage, a sanctuary that has become a happy chapter in my life's story. This cottage, situated in a church campground open only eight months of the year, stands as a testament to unexpected blessings. It serves as our retreat, our home away from home, especially when we minister on the East Coast.

The journey to acquiring this cottage happened in a way that can only be described as divinely orchestrated.


On our last day on the East Coast, as we were having dinner with some pastor friends, when an unexpected opportunity arose. A dear sister, spoke by what I know was inspiration, she said, "I know just the place for you."  With faith guiding our steps, we contacted the campground that night. And despite the ticking clock towards our departure, they graciously agreed to meet us en route to the airport. In that moment, "OWAF" resonated within me, a perfect reflection of my emotions. It was precisely what I had prayed for, a clear manifestation of my Father’s divine intervention.

I've decided to christen our cottage "OWAF," a daily reminder of the Father's unwavering guidance and love. Every corner of this abode, every moment spent there, echoes with the sentiment, "OWAF," a chorus of gratitude and awe.

This story, my friends, is not just mine to tell but a shared experience of recognizing our Father God in our lives. Have you experienced an "OWAF" moment recently? I invite you to share your stories, to celebrate together the ways in which the Father's hand moves in our lives. Let's gather in the comments section on Monday Morning Club, sharing and shouting together, "OWAF," in a collective expression of our gratitude and wonder at the blessings our Father gives to us.


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