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Janet Neville

I have this saying, "OWAF". It is my abbreviation for, "Oh What A Father." 


I will say this many many times in a day. Every time I recognize that God has done something for me I say, "OWAF". Still, I know that I don't know all that my Father in heaven does for me daily. 


This week Larry and I joined with so many friends to honor the life of Pastor Woody Calvary. At the gravesite, I was standing with my friend Betty Gutierrez under a large tree. It was hot and we wanted the shade. 


My feet were hurting after about an hour of standing there in my heels. I told Betty, "I'm going to sit in the car." As I walked to the car and Betty walked to where Larry and her husband Al were standing, there was this sound like a crash. 


A large branch of that tree broke off and fell where we had been standing.

If we were still standing there that branch would have hit us both.  It would have hurt us or even killed one of us. 

Joe Menchaca is in charge of security at the Rose Hills Cemetery. He said, "I heard the crash as the branch fell to the ground and said, I hope no one was under that tree." 


That's what I mean: "OWAF"! "OWAF"!! "OWAF"!!!


What about you?


Have you had an "OWAF" moment recently?


How about writing it in the comments on Monday Morning so we can shout with you, "OWAF"!!!! 



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