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Israel, the Church and the USA . . .

Rockets are hitting Israel again. Soldiers and war equipment  lined up at the boarders of Israel. Nations are taking sides and news reporters are swaying public opinion about Israel.

I walked the streets of Jerusalem for a week in August. I felt that I just wanted to be there to feel the pulse of the City.  I sat in the sidewalk restaurants, visited the markets, and walked the streets of the Old City.  I  spent  many  hours in the Garden Tomb of Jesus Christ praying and thinking about Jerusalem, Israel and the times we are living in.

Now, with the battle raging once again over the land of Israel, I believe it is important for all Christ followers to make clear our allegiance and support for God’s chosen people.  Pastor Jack Hayford stated recently in MINISTRIES TODAY   that Christ’s body in American needs a “reawakening” of the church’s responsibility to the “ministry of prayer and intercession for leaders, peoples and nations.”  He challenged the church “to take a stand with Israel as the Sovereign God’s chosen people.”

With Israel in the heat of battle now let’s all join together to pray for Israel and declare our support by,

1. Publicly speaking in our churches that we support Israel.

2. Calling for prayer for Israel through our Christian media and social networks.

3. Actually pray for Israel personally and in our public gatherings.

At this critical time I want the world to know that, I SUPPORT ISRAEL

Larry Neville is a pastor, author and international conference speaker. He leads Praise Chapel International, a church multiplication movement.


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