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"The Rest that Only Jesus can Give"

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Here is a quick read with the points from the message.

The REST that only JESUS can Give

Does it seem to you like you never seem to slow down? Does the 24 hours in a day seem like they are shorter? Maybe it is because I’m getting older, but to me, time seems to “fly”.  The concept of rest feels more like a luxury than a necessity.

Our lives are filled with endless tasks, responsibilities, and digital distractions, leaving us searching for a moment of peace. But what if I told you that the rest we desperately seek goes beyond just physical or mental relaxation? In this message unpack the true rest that is only offered by Jesus Christ. I am going to give you five key points that could transform our understanding and experience of rest.

In Matthew 11:28-29 Jesus introduces a rest that surpasses any that the world offers. Jesus speaks of a rest for the soul, an invitation to all who labor under the heavy burdens of life. This concept of rest is not just about stopping work but about entering a state of peace and fulfillment that is only found in your relationship with Jesus.

1. The Unfulfilling Promises of Worldly Peace

Our society is on a constant quest for peace and rest, evidenced by the long list of books on meditation, self-help, and spiritual practices. Yet, these solutions leave the seekers lacking. Jesus identifies this void in Matthew 11:28-29, offering rest to those burdened by life's struggles. St. Augustine said, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.” True rest for our souls can only be found in Jesus, differentiating His peace from the temporary reliefs the world offers.

2. Faith as the Key to Jesus' Rest

Access to the rest Jesus offers is unlocked through faith. This isn't about perfect belief without doubts or questions; it's about trusting in Him amidst our imperfections. Scriptures like John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9 remind us that salvation—and the rest that comes with it—is a gift received through faith, not by our works. This faith, however, is not static; it involves a continuous journey of trust and reliance on God.

3. The Journey of Faith

Faith in Jesus is a journey, not merely a destination. It's about persevering through doubts, struggles, and the deceitfulness of sin. Hebrews 3:10 encourages believers to hold on to their confidence in Christ and support each other in faith. This journey is marked by patient endurance and the hopeful anticipation of what God has promised.

4. The Urgency of Today

The Bible emphasizes the importance of "today" as the time to respond to God's invitation. 2 Corinthians 6:2 and Hebrews 3:15 highlight the urgency of accepting God's offer of salvation and rest. The opportunity for rest and salvation is always available, but our time to accept it is limited to our earthly lives.

5. An Open Invitation to All

The invitation to enter God's rest is universal, extending to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hebrews 4:1 reminds us that this promise still stands, urging us to seize the opportunity before it's too late. Like the father awaiting the prodigal son, God patiently waits for us to come home to His rest.

This rest is not just about ceasing from work, or skipping Sunday church, but about entering into the fulfillment and purpose for which we were created. So, as we navigate the pressures and challenges of life, please remember the rest that awaits us in Christ—a rest that satisfies our deepest longings and brings peace to our restless hearts. You will find, even though you are busy and even physically — you will be rested.

That’s the miracle. . .

Larry & Janet Neville


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