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Monday Morning Club

To: Club Readers


November 29, 2021

Happy Monday Morning

We trust that you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

“You crown the year with Your goodness; and your paths drop fatness.” (Psalm 65:11 KJV).

The New Living Translation says, “Even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”

The fatness, the goodness and abundance of God is so amazing it is overflowing out of my cart so that even on the path behind me people are being blessed from the overflow.

It’s six in the morning and I am getting ready to hit the publish button and send this to you.

I'm sitting in my 'Janet-driven' car (better than a self-driving car) although I am looking forward to getting one someday.

Driving or riding used to be relaxing, no phone, listening to the radio. Now I have full internet, phone calls, zoom meetings and more as I travel 80 miles an hour across the desert. It's amazing. I'm thinking about getting a van and fix it into an office. What do you think?

We pray that you enjoy the overflowing abundance from God our Father this week.

Larry & Janet


"The Struggle Bus" or "It's a Wonderful Life"

Janet read a book by a sister and has been following her blog. She was writing about their church planting journey.

She wrote, “We are on the Struggle Bus,” referring to how she felt about pioneering. Janet responded to her blog with, “I never felt like that toward church planting. We have planted churches in the USA, Singapore, the Philippines and still send people to start churches.” She responded and said, “lucky you.”

Is it really “lucky?”


Here goes another Jewel from my files of Dr. John Holland.

"Today I stop Volunteering for Self-inflicted Limitations"

Dr. John Holland

I remember a drug-addicted hippie giving his testimony after his miraculous deliverance from dependency on drugs. He had been fighting the demon of drugs for years. When. he confessed Jesus Christ as his Savior and through prayer he was delivered.

He gave this testimony one Sunday night in our church, “I am like my Swedish grandfather, I am so ‘appy for Jeesus,’ I could ‘yump’ for yoy.’” It was a remarkable deliverance from his bondage and his mental dependence upon drugs.

He took the nail scared hand of ministry and was set free from the horrible bondage of his past life.


Ron Simpkins

"A story about my friend Chuck Rhodes"

Chuck was a private investigator and had made real sacrifices to stay in a small city pastoring a small church. He developed leukemia and the doctors couldn’t stop the disease. I went to see him when he had only a few hours to live.


Kingdom Health Care

If you work or desire to minister in any area of Health Care and Human Services this new ministry opportuity may befor you.

Dr. Bob Doe, a spirit-filled Medical Doctor. He connected to Praise Chapel when he began attending and serving with, In the Light Ministries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since connecting with ITLM and PC Global he has made over a hundred medical mission trips around the world.

He is hosting this one day conference with and for doctors, nurses, counselors, prayer intercessors, pastors, and leaders.


GET READY FOR . . . JANUARY 12-14, 2022

Our PC Global Pastors & Leaders Conference


Pastors, Leaders and Disciples - It is time to come together in person. We are going to, "Take Back What the Enemy has tried to Steal!" We are all going to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in "22"

Join us in Tucson, Arizona


There is MORE to COME . . .

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please sign up for the MondayMorning.Club.

We love to read your thoughts so please post your comments.

Larry & Janet Neville


Nov 30, 2021

I have found that the times I have been on the “Struggle Bus” as I try to serve God, I’ve also been on the “self will” path. Relying on my own plans and actions rather than on the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. I need reminders to keep my perceptions lined up💕. Thanks.


Nov 29, 2021

Thanks for the weekly lift!

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