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I am a Spirit - I have a Body
Dr. John Holland

Last Monday we concluded Dr. Holland’s thoughts with, 


I had found out that the spiritual realm controls the physical material world. Spirituality is the ability to receive from the realm of the spirit and then release it into our physical material world. 

Today we will continue with his thoughts on this subject. 


It was at Gramma Long’s funeral that I experienced an “aha” moment. It was an experience of insight through which monumental change came into my life. That happened to me as I drew near to the Lord with a seeking spirit. 


For years I have pondered the teaching of the Bible to gain insight into: 


How to live. 

How to receive spiritual fullness. 

How to enter the blessings promised to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.


I have been a student of the scriptures for years, listening to leaders in the church. Still, there was a vagueness about even the promises which were best known to us all.


Like the quiet rising of the dawn, the sunlight of knowledge arose within me. It became so clear to me, like a download from heaven. 


I am a spirit. 


I am not a human being looking for a spiritual experience. 

I am a spirit being having a physical experience. 

I have a body, I am a spirit. 


For a long time, I did not give special attention to my spirit. I only recognized that it was one of the three parts of my being.  Now my sensitivity was being directed toward the scriptures where there were references to the human spirit. 


I began to read with special interest the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus. (John 3) 


Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews who came to Jesus inquiring about miracles. Jesus answers with an explanation of the new birth. 


Jesus said that the new birth gave the ability to see the realm of the spirit and to enter the realm of the spirit. Which is the Kingdom of God. 


I realized that a spiritual birth would bring the ability to see and to enter the realm of the Spirit.


John the Baptist and Jesus Christ both began their public ministries with the commandment to repent. The word means, “to change your mind or turn and go another direction.” 


 So the answer Jesus gave to Nicodemus’ question about miracles was, "if you are to see the kingdom of miracles you must be born again." 


To enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must be born again. 


This seeing is not the physical ability to see with our eyes. It is the spiritual ability to perceive or to understand with clarity spiritual matters. 


We experience understanding and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven when we are born again. As entrance into this world and a new understanding come at our physical birth.


Like a newborn baby, we enter a new dimension. 


Jesus gave Nicodemus a simple truth. Where our spirit gains understanding and entrance into the realm of the Spirit. 


The new birth gives spiritual perception. 

The new birth gives a clear understanding of the spiritual dimension. 

The new birth gives the ability to enter its reality.


A reality that moments before did not exist for us. 


We break through the thin line between the physical-material world. We receive a completely new viewpoint in which we see and feel the power of this new dominion. 


An authority where there is order and design applying a rule above and beyond the physical reality in which we have long-lived.


We have trusted:


Our natural senses. 

Our past experiences. 

The traditions of our culture. 


Now there is a new spiritual reality in which we live and move and have our being. 


This new truth has a completely different worldview.


A level of responsibility and way of thinking. 


It deals with the true motives of the human spirit, not only the acts.


It speaks with authority, not in vague moralistic generalizations. 


It commands thoughts and intents instead of behavioral recommendations. 


It sets boundaries and promises consequences. 

It provides a new source of power and makes available both wisdom and knowledge. 

Larry: Thats it  for this Monday Morning. There is more coming on this subject by Dr. Holland. 

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