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A “Thankful Thanksgiving” in Chicago . . .

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Praise Chapel Chicago, 

Pastors Zac and Altethea Williamson along with their wonderful congregation provided a Thanksgiving Banquet for the homeless and hungry at Praise Chapel in Chicago. 

This picture represents the best of humanity—the best of the Church.

“Friday  night November 16,  we hosted our second annual “Great Banquet” for the hungry and homeless at Praise Chapel Chicago. I (Pastor Zack)  snapped this picture as the team of volunteers prepared to selflessly serve those less fortunate.

They not only prepared, but served, prayed for, loved on, laughed with and in a few cases, cried with strangers (that quickly became friends).

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve and/or prepare food—all 37 of you! It was because of your love, grace, and sacrifice that many seeds were sown and 20 people responded to the invitation to come to Jesus.”

This is what happens when God’s people commit to the vision and unite in love.”  Pastor Zack

Praise Chapel Fellowship is so blessed to partner with such great pastors and congregations as this one in Chicago. Thank You Pastor Zack and Altethea and all who served this Thanksgiving meal with such love. 

Larry Neville –

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