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A Word for 2020. . .

Janet and I were at the home of some friends for a while New Year’s Eve. Some dear friends from the church who grew up in Africa were also there. They introduced a way that they shared going into the New Year and how they receive a promise from God for the year.

One of the ladies had prayerfully made small strips of paper with a scripture on each one. She folded each one and brought them to the gathering and then placed them in bowel. She explained how each year they do this at her church in Africa. She had us each pray for only a minute to prepare our hearts to receive a promise from God. Then she had me pray that each one would receive the correct promise for them as we each took one little paper from the bowel. Then she gave us the opportunity to share our Scripture or to keep it personal.

She said that she has every one of the promises from each New Year’s Eve her entire life. And, each one has come to pass in her life.

As I unfolded my little piece of paper and read the Scripture, it was so meaningful to me. I felt it was a word from my Father. It fit right with what I have felt the the Lord saying to me for years. Even though we were in a group, enjoying the evening, I had received a personal word from God.

You may be longing for a “word from God.” Perhaps waiting for some prophet to speak over you or some supernatural experience. When in fact, you Father God wants to speak to you personally. He has given to us His Word. We don’t need someone to give us a “word” or to “prophecy” over us. We have the Holy Spirit within our hearts. He will speak to us in such a simple manner, if we will ask.

If you want to hear from God today or any day, He will speak to you. Please don’t look to someone to give to you a “word” from God. Don’t depend upon someone to hear from God for you. That is a child’s thinking. Take time to pause, listen, then confirm what you receive with the Scriptures. You will find that if you look to your Father, He will speak to you and it may be in such a simple moment as He spoke to me last night.

Am I going to tell you my scripture, no. I told those in the room but I am holding it dear to my heart and like my dear sister who shared this gift with us last night, I will keep it, speak it and watch as my God fulfills His word in me.

Have a blessed 2020, Larry Neville


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