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Don’t go to school tomorrow!

One of my grandchildren was looking at some messages on the phone . . . 

when one from a boy at the middle school they attend posted a picture of himself with a knife and a gun saying, don’t go to school tomorrow someone is going to die. A number of students saw the same message and the police were notified and the situation taken care of.

How many School shootings has there been in 2018?

That is only the horrible outcome of much deeper issues youth are facing every day at school, on the internet and socially. Do we really have any ideal what our sons and daughters are confronted with every day? What about those in your church? Bulling both at school and cyberbullying is alarmingly out of control. Depression and suicide is increasing among youth. Internet and gaming addiction is sucking up hours and hours of their lives while isolating many from social interaction.

An ungodly Babylonian culture is closing in on them from every direction.

Jesus stated it clearly when he said that our time would be like the culture during the time of Noah and Lot. Noah preached the message for over a hundred years but his words fell on deaf ears. Lot blended into the culture and totally lost any destiny that he might have had.

But, then there was Abraham who during the same time as Lot, walked with God, fulfilled his destiny and ultimately changed the world.

The church of Jesus Christ is the, “light of the world.”

We are called to shine brighter as the world grows darker. Jesus said that as the culture becomes like the days of Noah and Lot, the Gospel would be preached to the whole world for a witness (Luke 17, Matthew 24).

This why we are having a world conference on, “CULTURE.

Today we must be “passionate people” who are “forcefully advancing” the kingdom of heaven. We are children of Abraham. In the midst of a darkening horizon, we are called to take the land and claim our inheritance as world changers.

This will be a historic Praise Chapel conference.

It will be a landmark on our journey as a movement God has raised up for this generation.  A move of God is ready to breakout like we have never experienced before. A harvest of multitudes getting saved.  Come and join us for such a time as this.  

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