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Give my love to . . .

“Prisca and Aquila, my partners in ministry serving the Anointing One, Jesus, for they’ve risked their own lives to save mine. I’m so thankful for them, and not just I, but all the congregations among the non-Jewish people respect them for their ministry. Also give my loving greetings to all the believers in their house church” (Roman 16: 3-5 TPT).

Who do you want to, “Give my love to?”

To me it is so important to have “partners in the ministry” whom I love. It is only love that will develop the real kind of partnership that ministry truly requires.

Love is Patient. Love is Gentle and Kind. Love Refuses to be Jealous. Love is Forgiving. Love does not Dishonor others. Love Rejoices with the Truth. Love is not Self Seeking. Love Never gives Up. Love Never Fails.

Love is why Prisca and Aquila where willing to, “risk their own lives to save mine.” What am I willing to risk for my collaborators in the faith? Do I walk away when a little offense happens? Do I say, “I love you but then dishonor you?” Paul lets us know that,

“I’m so thankful for them.”

Who are you truly thankful for in your life and ministry. It is so easy to take the sacrifice and loyalty of people for granted. Like, somehow I deserve their sacrifice, their love or commitment. Paul does not do that. He makes sure they know and everyone who reads his letter also knows how thankful he is for them.

How do I honor those who partner with me?

2000 years later we know that this couple were faithful ministers, leading a church in their house and that their love and ministry extended across the lines to “all the churches.” I think this means that the same love and sacrifice they showed to their beloved Apostle Paul, they showed to all the churches. They stand out in the New Testament as a testimony of true collaboration in the faith. Oh how these final words in this beautiful letter to the Romans must have meant so much to Prisca and Aquila and to the congregation in their home.

The global church of Jesus Christ is moving into a new season of collaboration.

That the walls of separation are falling down. God is raising up people like Paul and Prisca and Aquila who will collaborate in ministry, not for personal gain, but out of true love. Paul said, they Shepherd the flock in their house but their love and help reaches to all of the churches. Paul acknowledges that, “all the congregations among the non-Jewish people respect them for their ministry.” There is eternal reward when we move beyond our own areas of influence and ministry to share this kind of love with all the churches.

Paul’s words echo the last prayer recorded that Jesus prayed for us.

“So with deep love, I pray for my disciples. . . I ask that by the power of your name, protect each one that you have given me, and watch over them so that they will be united as one, even as we are one” (John 17:9,11 TPT).

My prayer this Monday Morning

Father, I pray that I have this heart of love. Love like Paul shared with his “collaborators in the ministry, showing thankfulness and honoring them. I want to have the same, “deep love” that Jesus loved each of us with. Place within me the servants heart of Prisca and Aquila, so that I can always look beyond my own ministry, my own needs, my own ambitions and extend Your love and service to “all the congregations.” In Jesus name.

Have a great week . . .

Larry Neville.


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