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I continue to Create . . .

Does an artist paint one picture and then stop? Does a musician write one song, plan one note and stop? No, they continually create new art and new music. Creation is an ongoing work of My Art and My Song.

I Continue to Create

That is why scientist seeking to understand the universe find that it continues to grow and expand.

I continue to Create

All eternity will be endless new creations that are beyond the wildest dream of anyone. Beauty will continue to be created in ways that beauty has never been envisioned. Only in eternity, my Bride will join me in this creation. Together we will create. God and My Creation, together will create New Worlds, New Creations, New Beauty, for All Eternity.

The Joy of Life is Creating New Life

Together, eternity is about God and My Bride Creating new life. Forever and forever filling the vast, endless universe with beauty, with love, with life.

I can Only Imagine . . .

Larry Neville


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