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Jerusalem 4th Day of the WAR

Larry & Janet Neville in Jerusalem at the Garden Tomb.

Israel 4th day of the War.

This is a horrible time Israel and the world

They were brutally attacked by Hamas Terrorist. The attack has been much worse than mainline news is saying. Babies heads cut off. Families burned alive. Women sodomized and killed. Hostages taken. This is a work of ISIS, remember them? Cutting off heads of people putting int online for all to see?

Don’t be deceived when you see reports of Israel attacking Hamas. Israel is not going after innocent civilians, They are attacking Terrorist sites. They have continually dropped flyers, send media warnings to

Gaza telling civilians to leave or take shelter.

Egypt is supposed to be friends with people in GAZA. They have the only open boarder available to the civilians but are they letting them in? Only 400 a day. This war would not be happening if the surrounding nations would be open to receiving their neighbors. They have proven over and over through the years, that they don’t want the

Palestinians in their countries.

Israel îs fighting Terrorist just as the USA did after 9/11. America did what they needed to do, even though the UN was against it. But, there has been no more 9/11 in USA. Israel cannot continue to be attacked over and over.

They need our Prayer, and the HELP of USA and other FREE Nations.

We have churches we partner with in Israel. Our long-time pastor Dejen' s car was destroyed by bombs. Where they live is being bombed over and over at this moment.

We are going to help the churches to help their people during this war. The cost of food, gas, all supplies is going up.

The people are being instructed to get supplies.

The churches are the best to help. They know who is in need.

Let’s all join to help financially.

Please tell your congregations and let's support our brothers and sisters and their families in ISRAEL.

Psalm 122:6, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!


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