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Israel Retaliates against Iran

Responding to Conflict with a Message of Redemption

On April 19th, Israel launched a retaliatory attack against Iran, following a drone assault aimed at its territory. Thankfully, these 300 drones did not succeed in their mission, preventing a potentially devastating impact. Such a response from Israel was anticipated globally, as any sovereign nation would likely act similarly under attack.

In the midst of these conflicts, it's crucial to remember a core belief: God does not propagate war, destruction, hatred, or prejudice. The Bible teaches that while the Devil seeks to "kill, steal, and destroy," Jesus' mission was quite the opposite. He came "not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him."

This brings us to an essential truth that we need to embrace—salvation and redemption are at the heart of God's intentions. Despite the turmoil and conflicts orchestrated by human actions or demonic influences, God is working to bring good from these situations. Remarkably, there is a significant spiritual awakening happening in the Middle East, with a notable number of both Muslims and Jews coming to Christ—an event unparalleled in recent history.

Years ago, I felt God impress upon me that a “Harvest of Generations” meaning a great harvest was on the horizon, particularly in the Middle East. Despite the suppression of the Gospel's seeds by various regimes and religious oppositions over the centuries, these seeds are now beginning to flourish. The church is strategically placed to foster this growth, especially during such times of crisis.

As we continue to face global challenges, let us not lose sight of this vision. The church must embrace its role in this divine global harvest, fueled by God's grace, to make a meaningful impact.

Let us come together in prayer, seeking God for this great Harvest of Generations .

Key Takeaways:

1. God's Purpose in Conflict: Even in the face of human or demonic-initiated conflicts, God's overarching plan is to transform these events into opportunities for redemption and salvation.

2. Global Spiritual Awakening: The significant increase in religious conversions in the Middle East highlights a broader movement of spiritual revival, indicating that historical seeds of the Gospel are coming to fruition.

3. The Role of the Church: In these crucial times, the church must maintain a perspective focused on the harvest, actively participating in and facilitating this through prayer, and personal commitment.

Until He returns,

Larry Neville


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