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Migrant crisis: People treated ‘like animals’ in Hungary camp . . .

Today September 11, as we Americans are remembering our own crisis  let’s not overlook this crisis. 

The world is watching as hundreds of thousands of families flee the Middle East in the face of war, hunger and extreme suffering.  We watch and see the

heart breaking images of families, moms and dads holding children and risking their lives to find hope and refuge. 

We  expect the European governments to open their doors and help these people. Yet, every day it is becoming clear that many countries are not going to not help, and try to stop people for either passing though their countries or seeking for asylum. There are many who think, “Why let them

 into Europe or even America.” 

The church must see this crisis through the eyes of Jesus Christ.  

Jesus clearly commands the church to respond to people in crisis. These are not people standing on a street corner with a sign asking for a hand-out. These families are fleeing for their very survival from inhumane treatment and threats.  People who want a new life and are wiling to sacrifice for that hope and dream. 

We believe in a “new life.” 

We know that their true hope for change and a future is not only going to be found in the prosperous countries of Europe but in the “new life” that only Jesus Christ can offer. 

During any crisis there is a window of opportunity for the gospel. 

When people are in desperate crisis, their lives torn apart and facing uncertainty, they are open to help and to change. They are showing their willingness to risk the unknown. By venturing into hostile situations in hope of a new life. This is an opportunity for the gospel. 

Let’s offer them help and a new life. 

The ministry I’m a part of, Praise Chapel went into Iraq 12 years ago at the height of the war not knowing how we could help, but God was with us. Today we have a strong ministry there helping people both spiritually and physically. Thousands of lives are being  changed and touched with the love of Christ because of that step of faith. 

We must step out on faith. 

Praise Chapel’s is sending our representative, Missionary John McGovern is going to Hungary and Germany to connect and determine how we can immediately respond.  John has 36 years of influential international ministry and he will give us a first hand report of what the churches can do. This is a window of opportunity for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach these desperate people. Jesus is the only hope for the new life they are seeking. We cannot ignore this. The church can unite and show the world our global unity and step in with love and com


Helping some is better than helping none.

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