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Monday Morning Club

To: Club Readers


November 8, 2021

Happy Monday Morning

“Father fill me with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. So that I may walk worthy of you Lord. Pleasing you and being fruitful in every good work. Increasing in your knowledge.” Reference Colossians 1:9-10


Recap of LeaderCon 2021

Last week we had the PC Global LeaderCon online live. The message that came through was, “Moving from Connectivity to Collaboration.” The ministry team shared their journeys about connectivity and the challenges they have experienced to stay connected.

The value of Lifelong Friendships

Lifelong friendships are essential for lifelong happiness and fruitfulness. Jesus said, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you . . .” When we abide in Christ, we are part of God’s eternal family. Paul said, “God places each one in the body as it please him.” (1 Corinthians 12)

God connects people in his family together on earth. When you come to the end of life if you have any regrets, the top of the list may be the broken relationships. Marriages that failed. Families who cut one another off. People who left their position in the Family of God or their place in Body of Christ.

“Collaboration: Tapping into the Collaborative Evolution of the Church"

John Maxwell said, "I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference. When we work together, we win together, making a difference.”

Jesus taught that the closer we get to the end times the more disruption the world will experience. Jesus predicted wars, natural disasters, families fighting against one another, and much more. (Mark 13:8, 12)

He taught that his church would be a light on the hill and the salt of the earth. How did he say that this will happen? Because of our love and functioning as his healthy body and family.

We had four sessions together a total of eight hours. We ended with Global Communion. It felt like everyone was in the studio.

The Conference will be on the PC Global Network webpage in a few days. I will also be sharing a few highlights on coming Monday Mornings.


"O W A F"


Janet Neville

I have this saying, "OWAF". It is my abbreviation for, "Oh What A Father."

When GOD filled my GROCERY cart

When Larry and I were first married we had no money. We lived in a 1940’s trailer behind a church in Yuma, Arizona. It had no Air Conditioning and no bathroom, we used the church bathroom. We were also broke and out of food.

I thought, "Wow this is crazy." I’ll call my dad and have him send me some money through Western Union so I can get some groceries. I called my dad and he was happy to send me twenty dollars. This was almost fifty-one years ago, so twenty dollars filled the grocery cart.


Haystack Prayer Meeting

" The Birthplace of American Missions"

Janet and I went to visit the historic sight of the "Haystack Prayer Meeting" in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Here is a seven-minute clip I filmed two weeks ago there.

"Calvary Church in Hong Kong celebrates 32 Years"

I remember the day when John McGovern called me from China and said, "The Lord has called me to open a church in Hong Kong." That was 32 years ago. What a joy and honor it has been to share in this amazing journey.

All we can say is, "Look what the Lord has done."

Janet and I congratulate all the faithful people in Calvary churches in Hong Kong.

Here is a short video for Calvary Church.


Health Care, Human Services and the Power of God

Dr. Bob Doe is a spirit-filled Medical Doctor.

He connected to Praise Chapel when he began attending and serving at, “In the Light Ministries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Since connecting with ITLM and PC Global he has made over a hundred medical mission trips around the world.

During these trips, they would provide medical help to thousands of people. He would see desperate people healed, delivered, and saved before he ever gave them medical attention.

He took many teams to Kurdistan to help Jack Harris as Jack was beginning the ministry in Muslim villages. During one trip, Dr. Doe prayed for a deaf girl and God healed her.


There is MORE to COME . . .

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please sign up for the MondayMorning.Club.

We love to read your thoughts so please post your comments.

Larry & Janet Neville


Nov 08, 2021

Sister Janet I can literally hear your voice telling us this story! I was cracking up with the Ritz cracker part 🤣 omg, I can hear your tone of voice in that part too... love you Sister Janet. Praise be to God for His abundant grace, and mercy.


Nov 08, 2021

Great a fresh box of Ritz crackers!

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