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Monday Morning Club

To: Club Readers


November 22, 2021

Happy Monday Morning

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join us for a few minutes.

We want to wish you and everyone who joins with you this Thanksgiving a very Blessed Holiday.
Janet and I have been in the Bay Area meeting in small groups “Meetups” with pastors. We had a great time with each and every couple. It was so good to see our dear friends.

This is in El Sobrante with the Filipino fellowships. We also went to San Jose, Hayward, Yuba City and Concord. In all we have met with over 100 pastors the past few weeks. The report we bring is VICTORY! Praise Chapel folks are doing excellent. Churches are doing well. Everyone is moving forward for Revival.


"OH W A F" (Oh What a Father)


Janet Neville

When Larry and I were first married we were evangelists. As we traveled we lived in this 27-foot travel trailer for six years.

I had a personal prayer I want to tell you about.

When our son Paul was born, I prayed that when he started school we would be living in a house. That was not all. I also want him to ride a bus to school.

We started pioneering a church in Phoenix, Arizona a few months before Paul was to start Kindergarten. We moved into an apartment. But I kept reminding my Father of my prayer about a house and the school bus.

One day we were driving to the church through a neighborhood that had the kind of houses I had been praying for. I had a feeling come over me that God was going to give me my house.

I said out loud, “I’m going to get a house.”

Larry said, “WHAT? You have a nice apartment.”

I said, “I’m going to move into a house.”

He said, “I’m not going to get you an expensive house like that.”

And I said, “Oh did I ask you to get it for me?”

He said what do you think, “It is going to fall into your lap.”

And I said, “Yes, God is going to give it to me.”

The next day we got a call from Dr. Holland. At that time, he was our District Supervisor in the Foursquare denomination that we were a part of. He said, "I want you to consider pastoring the 1st Foursquare Church of Phoenix." This was the oldest Foursquare church in the city. An important church in that denomination.

We told Dr. Holland, "Yes." Then as he was getting off the phone he said, “Oh, by the way, the Church does have a house for the pastor. I do not know what it is like and you don’t have to take the house."

Dr. Holland gave us the address, so we drove by the house. It was the same type of house I had said God was going to give to me. I could not have asked for anything nicer.

When Larry saw the house, he looked at me and said, “Janet DON’T say it.”

But of course, I gave God the glory and I said, “I told you God was going to give me this house”.

We moved in a week before our son Paul started Kindergarten. The house was far enough from the elementary school, that Paul had to ride the school bus.

God is the God of details, and He honors our faith.




Here goes another Jewel from my files of Dr. John Holland.

“He must learn to walk through his Pain #2.”


Dr. John Holland

Then the victim reached out and took that hand. When he did, something from another realm was released. His feet and ankle bones received strength and he stood for the first time in his life.

Let’s examine this healing and seek to understand how the supernatural is released into the physical, material world.


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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

There is MORE to COME . . .

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please sign up for the MondayMorning.Club.

We love to read your thoughts so please post your comments.

Larry & Janet Neville


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