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Please speak to Pharaoh for me . . .

One of the most challenging stories in the Bible is the life of Joseph. How what appeared to be tragic events in his life led to one of the greatest novels of God’s fulfilling his purpose in a person’s life.

In my daily devotions today, I read these words in Genesis 41:1,“When two full years had passed Pharaoh had a dream. . . ”

I just stopped reading. I asked the Lord, “Why did you wait to give Pharaoh a dream and leave Joseph in a nasty prison two more years?”I was just stuck there in my reading, so I began to pray about this because it seemed rather unnecessary to me. Then I felt the Holy Spirit respond to my questioning. Here is is:

Because Joseph asked the waiter to remember him and speak to Pharaoh on his behalf (Genesis 40:14-15). I gave him the ability to interpret the dream, and then he tried to use that for his benefit. I had to let him learn that his strength, skills, and even my gifting over his life, would not accomplish the purpose that I had for him. All he wanted was to get out of prison and to return to his father and family. I had more grand plans for him that he could even imagine. He had to learn the lesson to never trust in his ability or to trust in people. I was giving him the most exalted position and riches available at that time. My purpose was to save my people and to further my mission on the earth, not his. He had to be ready.

Maybe you feel stuck in some uncomfortable place today.

I wonder what went through his mind and heart during those last two years? For sure, God worked out what he wanted in Joseph, and then in a short time, he was brought before Pharaoh. He was ready, prepared, and God’s person for that time.

We can be satisfied with what we can accomplish through our abilities, skill, and gifting. It might look like outstanding success, but is it all that God has for you? Sometimes we get what we want when we manipulate the gifting God gives to us but miss God’s real purpose. That is just what Satan wanted Jesus to do,

“The devil lifted Jesus high into the sky and in a flash showed him all the kingdoms and regions of the world. The devil then said to Jesus, “All of this, with all its power, authority, and splendor, is mine to give to whomever I wish. Just do one thing and you will have it all. Simply bow down to worship me and it will be yours! You will possess everything!”(Luke 4:5-7 TPT)

I think Satan uses this same strategy with potential men and women of God today.

Maybe he says something like this; I will give you what you want, success, glory, and position. You do not have to spend two more years in the dungeon. Just usurp the plan of God and use your skills, ability, and gifts for your gain.

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy and said, “In a palace you find many kinds of containers and tableware for many different uses. Some are beautifully inlaid with gold or silver, but some are made of wood or earthenware; some of them are used for banquets and special occasions, and some for everyday use. (2 Timothy 2:20 TPT)

I guess it depends upon what you want to be and do.

Perhaps the difference between, “Some beautifully inlaid with gold” and “some made of wood or earthenware” is making it through those difficult two more years as God makes sure that what he gives will be poured out for his glory and not yours.

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”2 Corinthians 4:7, NKJV.

Have a great Monday.

Larry Neville

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