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School Shooting? Demonstrations?

  How heartbreaking to see pictures and videos of frightened youth running or hiding for their lives at school.

Even 1 school shooting is too many. We are witnessing this all too often. Add to that the shootings at churches and so many other places.

Each of our hearts goes out to the students, their parents, the teachers and our nation.  The CRY is beginning to be heard. The PAIN is starting to touch everyone in the nation.  Questions are being asked in the news, in the government, in families,  Is there no ANSWER?

 Demands for gun control are being  shouted out.

Is taking guns out of the hands of the public the answer?  Is the problem the guns or the evil or sick people who can get guns?  Will removing guns stop evil people from getting guns?  How we long to find answers to the vexing problems of our world.

Student Demonstrating for gun control.

Students are fired up and I don’t blame them. They want to feel safe at school. Their demonstrations remind me of another time when students were fired up against the Viet Nam War.

It was the 1960’s, American young men were dying and students were demonstrating.

The troubles of the 60’s released a response in the youth to demonstrate, rebel and drop out. The results was the Hippies.  People did not know what to think or what to do with them.  But, something began to happen. A revolution began among them.  In their endless search for peace  they began to turn to Jesus for the answer.

The Hippies became the Jesus People

A move of God took place that changed the culture. When there was no answer – Jesus was the answer.  Today, as we face horrible situations like the recent mass school shootings, Jesus is still the answer.

Our Culture is RIPE for a move of God.

I don’t want to see problems in our nation and our world escalate anymore than you do. But, I do believe that as students once again feel the pain of the condition of the world they are destined to live in.  As they see the hopelessness of government,  technology or religion to solve the problems.  They need answers. They may demonstrate and try to move our government but they are finding frustration there also. Once again as the youth face the challenges of an uncertain future – Jesus is the answer. Our culture is ripe for a move of God.


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