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Our Culture is ready for a fresh Supernatural Outpouring of God’s Spirit. I believe the time is NOW. 

Dr. Michael Brown will be with us at the Praise Chapel World Conference. I felt led to invite him because of his solid teaching on cultural issues of the day. I know that he will bring a powerful message.

In Prayer this Morning.

During my early morning personal prayer time the Holy Spirit reminded me that Dr. Brown was a  major part of the Brownsville, Florida revival also known as the Pensacola Outpouring that broke out on Father’s day 1995 and lasted until 2000, with non stop revival services.   It is estimated that over 4 million people visited the Pensacola outpouring and that tens of thousands either became first-time converts to Christ or experienced radical rededications.

During the Brownsville Revival, there was no social media or live Internet streaming. News simply went out through word of mouth, television, news and print. Word simply got out that God was moving in Pensacola, Florida, and soon, the world showed up at Brownsville Assembly of God.

Dr. Michael Brown was a major part of that revival.

I believe in my spirit there is a connection and thus a much deeper spiritual reason God has Dr. Brown coming to our World Conference in July.

We are a revival movement.

Praise Chapel was birthed in 1976 in a revival in a small church in East Los Angeles among Latino gangs. Out of that we have planted over 250 churches in the US and many more internationally. Most all of our workers were saved and discipled in our churches and this continues  to this day.

The revival continues.

I believe it is time for another supernatural revival outpouring that I feel will be, “The Harvest of Generations.” Listen to me!

  1. You may be in a small church.

  2. You may be a working pastor.

  3. You may be discouraged.

Well, so were Mike and Donna Neville when God showed up in Maywood, California and Praise Chapel was birthed. This did not happen because of their talent, a great production, a wonderful location or anything else.  God showed up!

Praise Chapel get ready.

Yes, get ready for the “Prophetic End Time Outpouring of God’s Spirit. We are so close that I can feel it in my spirit.

The culture is ready for GOD to move in a supernatural outpouring of His Spirit and that is the ONLY answer for today.

I feel this World Conference on Culture is going to be a BREAKTHROUGH for all of us. You don’t want to miss this. 

I look forward to what God is going to do at the Praise Chapel World Conference, July 23-26

Larry Neville


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