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  • Larry Neville

Walking to say goodby . . .

The last steps to the gravesite seem to be the most difficult. Perhaps because, that is where you say the final goodbye. A few days ago hundreds of people joined together the night before and in the morning to say goodbye to Pastor Tomas Madrigal.

Pastor Tomas was one of the first Spanish language pastors in Praise Chapel. He was a servant leader who was loved by thousands of grateful people. He was a Pastor, Church Planter, Husband, Dad, Grandad, and so much more.

To Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship, he was a true leader. His voice, message, and example have stood out for over 35 years.

A family who truly honored their father and pastor.

I have observed both the family of Pastor Tomas and the congregation, where he was the pastor. They honored him right to this last walk to say goodbye. He was always at church, always dressed impeccably. They cared for him with pure love and honor. I commend the Madrigal family and the church for the example they set for all of us of what Christian and Family love and care is.

I was at their home two days before Pastor Tomas went to his heavenly reward. There in his room, I could sense the love of his family and see the care that they have so faithfully and honorably given to him. Truly an example of how it should be at the end of life.

“You are an honored prince among us” (Genesis 23:6).

In the Bible, when Abraham’s wife Sara died, and he was purchasing a burial sight for her, the people around said to Abraham, “You are an honored prince among us.” On behalf of Praise Chapel International, I say, Pastor Tomas, you were indeed an honored prince among us. Thank you to the Madrigal family and Praise Chapel Santa Ana for being the Christian example to all of us on how to give honor to a beloved father, pastor, and friend and a true Man of God.

I am grateful to have served alongside this man. We will serve together again in the Kingdom Age.

Larry Neville

#Honor #Love

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