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Why Germany?

Why Germany? 

September 2015,  I had been reading the news and praying for the hundreds of thousands of refugees struggling to make their way into Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said, “the ‘breathtaking’ flow of migrants into German will ‘occupy and change’ the country in the coming years” (BBC News Sept 7).

September 8, 2015, I wrote in my prayer journal, “Nothing has the potential of spreading the Muslim religion into Europe like this mass movement of common people. In the Book of Acts, it was persecution that spread the first followers of Jesus Christ all over the nearby nations and thus the gospel message spread with them (Acts 8:3-4).  On the other hand, this mass migration of Muslim migrants into Europe also poses a great opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity for the church to show these people the love of Christ through helping them and opening their doors and hearts to them.” 

I prayed and wrote these words:

“Father I pray that the church of Jesus Christ will rise up to this opportunity to show Your love to these hurting people. I pray that You will again allow us to step into what You want to do and what You are dong through this mass migration of humans into Europe. How can we be a part? I pray for a miracle opportunity to help serve these people and to reach them with the love of Jesus Christ.” (Prayer Journal September 2015)

The voice I heard said, “You can respond to this.”  

It was then that I felt these words in my spirit, “You can respond to this.” Within a few weeks John McGovern, (my friend and coworker), went to Germany to see what we could do. Since that date, we have made many trips to Germany.  We sent a team of young people and a music band and they had tremendous response.  Everywhere we have seen opportunity to serve and to partner with our German brothers and sisters in Germany.

Partner is what we are doing.

 March 6, 2017,

My son,  Paul and Shauna Neville and their family arrived in Frankfurt and will move to Maulbronn, Germany. They will join with some folks who have become dear friends to us and have opened their hearts to partner.

A “God Time” for Harvest in Germany? 

At a critical time in the history of Israel God said, “I sought for a man to stand in the gap, but I found none” (Ezekiel 22:30). Other times God did find someone to respond to His call. I have no doubt that this is a:

  1. God season, in Germany,

  2. An opportune time,

  3. A season of harvest. 

Can we watch 1.5 million Muslim born refugees flood Germany, pray for them and then do nothing ourselves, No! We are going there to help, to serve and reap a harvest for the kingdom of God.

What are we doing now?  

  1. We now have a couple there. They are getting settled in, finding where they will live and working to make Germany their home.

  2. They will both work with local churches and plant new International churches.

  3. As they  get established, we will send more workers and teams to help.

We are only at the beginning stages, there is much more to do. By the grace of God, we want to place more workers in Germany. The need is massive.

This may be a, “Passing Season.”

What do I mean? This is a window of opportunity like Jeremiah said,  “The harvest is past, The summer is ended, And we are not saved” (Jeremiah 8:20)!  Just like in life, the harvest season only lasts for a few months. We don’t know how long this opportunity to reach Muslim born refugees will last. Or how long the wonderful hunger for more of God that we feel from our German brothers and sisters will last. What we do know is God is doing something wonderful right now! We must respond. 

How can you help? 

  1. PRAY for GERMANY. This is the key nation in the EU. Now with England leaving the EU, Germany has a much greater responsibility and position to influence all of the EU. What happens in Germany will happen throughout Europe.

  2. PRAY for REFUGEES. The millions of Muslim born refugees in Germany and Europe are going to change these nations. The question will be if they change them into Muslim nations or if they are changed into Christ Followers. History is being made NOW.

  3. JOIN  our FACEBOOK GROUP to keep informed. (Click here)

  4. SUPPORT this MISSION with your FINANCES (Click here).

Go for it . ..

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